O2 wants to help connect people to great teaching. We're building a video library of great revision lessons, from teachers across the country.

O2 Learn can give every 13-18 year old in the UK access to a huge choice of curriculum focused mini-lessons which can help them with revision or to catch up on some subjects that they can't remember or might have missed. We also think parents could benefit too.

We don't claim to be teaching experts. But we do know lots about the internet and helping people connect to the people and things that matter to them. So we're using what we know best to do something important: celebrate the best teachers, and connecting them to thousands of potential students.

And we're letting the students rate the lessons. Awarding the best lessons, as chosen by the student rating and an expert judging panel, prizes for their efforts. To date, O2 Learn has awarded over £300,000 directly to teachers and schools in the UK. Find out more on our awards page.

We want the site to be both safe and accurate. So, we moderate our videos for appropriateness and the accuracy of the content through a network of 'learning champions'.

O2 Learn is a Think Big initiative. Think Big is O2's program to inspire and celebrate young people and the people who help young people. You can find out more here.

Safety first

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