Q. How have you made this site safe?
A. One, no one can post a comment until they register and agree to our Terms. Two, only registered teachers can post videos. Three, our moderators check every video and comment themselves. Read our moderation policy for more.
Q. Do you guarantee the quality and accuracy of the lessons?
A.Our O2 Learn (Learning Champions) are here to check that the videos on O2 Learn are suitable and accurate. They're qualified teachers and are specialists in the subjects they moderate for us.

We're working with The School Network (formerly The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust), which is coordinating a group of qualified teachers in specialist subjects to check the lessons for accuracy. We call them the Learning Champions. Each lesson that's watched by a Learning Champion is marked. They're given an Approve Video icon if they're entirely accurate or an Approve Video but with Issues icon if they're largely accurate but have added constructive comments (designed to help students). If a lesson's not accurate we'll contact the teacher about amending the video or removing it altogether. Please email support if you have any questions.
Q. Do you have to be an O2 customer to use it?
A. No. It's open to all teachers and students.
Q. Who can post a video?
A. Only teachers who meet our eligibility criteria, who've registered and who agreed to our Terms.
Q. Can students appear in the videos?
A. They can, but only if you've got their parental permission, none of them are named and the school's location is not identified in the video (please consider uniform and any other school branding e.g. posters with the school name on when you’re thinking about this).
Q. Who can win the awards?
A. New video uploads are no longer eligible for our awards (competition closed 31st July 2011). The public vote for the final is currently running on our homepage. For those videos in the final, the following criteria apply: Only teachers are able to win the awards. Teachers in both secondary schools and colleges are eligible but there are certain exceptions. Read more about the awards and eligibility here. Read more about the awards and eligibility here.
Q. How will you decide who wins?
A. Our weekly awards are decided 50% by user views and ratings, 50% by our panel of education experts. A shortlist of Annual Award finalists selected from our weekly winners by our expert panel will then face a public vote in December 2012 to decide the overall winner. The Grand Final result will be announced on December 21st. Read more about the awards here.
Q. What does 'Beta' mean?
A. It means we're still testing and fine-tuning the site, before we open it up to everyone.
Q. Why is O2 doing this?
A. O2 believes in helping people connect to the people and things that matter to them. Great teaching matters to lots of people. So, we want to help connect thousands of students and parents to great teachers nationwide, as well as celebrate the amazing work that teachers do. It's just one part of our Think Big programme, supporting young people across the UK.
Q. Why can't I load a video?
A. You need to be a teacher, and you have to register first. Also, your video also needs to be:
  • in one of these file formats: WMV, MPG, MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MOOV
  • no longer than 10 minutes (5 minutes is best)
  • no bigger than 1GB.
Q. Can I remove my video from the site?
A. Yes, just send an email to support@o2learn.co.uk, and we'll cancel your award registration.
Q. Why can't I comment?
A. You need to register first.
Q. Can I access the site on my mobile?
A. If you have an iPhone, then you can do everything. We're working hard to give you access on other handsets.
Q. What will O2 Learn do with my information?
A. O2 Learn will not share any of your information with any third parties. We will also not use the information to sell you any O2 products. We will occasionally use your email address to send you an update email about O2 Learn. These emails will contain information about O2 Learn activity such as competitions, new functionality on the site, updates from partners or ask for feedback on the site. Each email we send will give you the option to remove yourself from the registration list. We will not use your mobile phone number.
Q. Why does the O2 Learn registration process use mobile numbers and not email addresses?
A. We have found that mobile number registration is good for two reasons:
  1. It reduces the chances of people creating multiple accounts.
  2. It’s more straightforward. We remove the chance of verification emails being lost in junk accounts and it’s easier to tap in the number of your own phone than use a defraud email system.